Preparing your dog when you go back to work

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Never Leave Your Dog Alone!

Wouldn’t that be wonderful!  In the perfect world we would take our dogs everywhere with us, and they would never have to be alone.

They would come to work, to the store, on vacation, and everywhere else with us. Unfortunately, that is not realistic. However, over this last year, many dogs and humans have forgotten how to be apart;  in the case of puppies, they may have never experienced separation from their people. This can lead to tremendous anxiety as we go back to work and life as it used to be, so the time to prepare is NOW!

Many people have found themselves in the situation of being suddenly called back to work, without a plan in place for their dogs.  There is a sharp increase in calls for help regarding extreme separation anxiety and how to manage it, but waiting to the last minute makes this job so much harder.  It is vitally important to start the separation process in the weeks (or better yet, months) before going back to work.

The first step – make sure your dog is crate trained.  If your dog is not accustomed to a crate, start with making the crate a positive place to go.  All meals should be fed in the crate, and new toys should be presented there. Once your dog is comfortable with the crate, leave them in there for short periods of time while you go outside for a few minutes, or into a different room.  Don’t say goodbye, and don’t have a dramatic greeting when you come back.  Keep everything calm and quiet. Proceed to leave your dog for increased amounts of time, until you can comfortably step away for a couple of hours. This process can be aided with a frozen kong or other stuffed toy, some soothing music, and CBD oils if necessary.  Thundershirts can also be quite beneficial to ease anxiety, as long as the dog doesn’t chew it while you’re gone.

There are many great training websites that go into more detail about how to properly crate train and start the separation process.  The important thing is to start now and not rush the process.

For those that are working long days, Doggie Daycare is also a great option.  Keep in mind that as many people head back to work, these facilities may get booked beyond capacity, so best to reserve now if you have any expectation of requiring their services.

Please let us know if you have questions or require further information.

Don’t delay – start today!