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"We love puppies, that's why we don't sell them!"

Because Pets West chooses not to sell dog or puppies, all of the dogs listed on this page are courtesy posts for our local rescue organizations, private homes, or local breeders!

*Pets West does not adopt dogs.  Please contact rescue directly.

Mary Kate is an amazing dog who is looking for an amazing home.

What makes Miss Kate amazing?

Mary Kate has come a long ways while in care but she is still fearful of things and lacks self-confidence so understanding and patience are going to be necessary for her new owners to help her be the best her.  Relationship for Mary Kate is very important.  She doesn’t give her trust quickly but once you have it and understand her, she will be your loyal companion for life.

Mary Kate has very high prey drive so must not be in a home with small animals.  She is also able to jump a standard 5 foot fence … easily …. so higher fencing or a willingness to modify your fencing will be necessary to help keep her safe.  But this also means that she would be great at agility and is good at picking fruit from your fruit trees!!

If you are interested in adopting Mary Kate, please go to:

*Pets West does not adopt dogs.  Please contact rescue directly.


Quinton is such a good boy! He’s an 8 year old, neutered male Lab cross who just received a clean bill of health from the vet. His favourite activity is being outside chasing his ball. Always eager to play and be active, he’s also great at chilling at home and relaxing. He only appears to bark with play time or when he sees squirrels, cats, raccoons, etc. And WOW, what a bark he has! Great with people and other dogs but he’s really quite the introvert and loyal to his family. He’s not the cuddly type but he will humor you if he likes you! He loves getting belly rubs but not until he’s comfortable with you! His ideal home is an active owner or couple with fully fenced yard, older children, another mellow/playful dog. This guy demands your undivided attention when you’re playing and he’s arguably obsessive compulsive with his ball. Literally zero interest/attention for anything else in that moment. We can all learn from this wise old soul! If interested in Quinton please go to:

*Pets West does not adopt dogs.  Please contact rescue directly.

Ridiculous Roo <3 

This big loveable guy is looking for his perfect match.

– active is best. Other than food, getting out to do things is what he loves to do.

– fenced yard in a quiet neighbourhood. Nothing is better than laying around enjoying the great outdoors.

– people who love to chat. When excited Roo has a lot to say 

– no small animals. Roo likes small animals but not in the way that makes him and small pets a good match.

– understanding and patient humans.  Roo is nervous of new people and situations BUT he is curious, smart but also sensitive so a patient, positive approach to his learning is best.

- kids are fine but he prefers a quiet calm home life.  Small children might get knocked over.

– prefers female dogs but is living with an laid-back male in foster care

It is hard not to love this guy <3

 If you are interested in Roo, please contact Victoria Humane Society at:

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