Adoption Updates

Thompson, aka "PJ"

A message from "Thompsons" new adopters - his name has since been changed :)

"Hi there,
We adopted Thompson  from your store about a 3.5 weeks ago.  I just wanted to send you some pics and to let you know how great he is doing.  He gets along great with our Golden Retriever and even my older cat isn't hissing and growling at him all the time. 
He has such charachter and settled in right away. He is a great addition to our family. So you know my daughter renamed him PJ and comes to it when called. It's also funny when he goes down stairs - he hops like a bunny. Though he is curious about going outside we are keeping him as an indoor cat as the SPCA asked us to. 
Hope you enjoy these pictures, Shannon"

Milo is enjoying his new home!

A message from Cobalt's (formerly know as Chaplin) owner:

Chaplin - who has since been renamed to Cobalt (after the element and not the car) as one of his people is a biochemist and thought the periodic table was an appropriate place to go hunting for pet names - is thriving in his new home. He came home with us and became apart of our family on Family Day 2015. He wasn't super thrilled about the drive home from Pets West but once he was let out of the carrier he more or less made himself right at home in our apartment. Since his adoption his hobbies include getting hair on as many surfaces in the apartment as possible and preventing me from getting any work done. He is probably the most hygienic cat I have ever seen and spends hours at time keeping himself squeaky clean and often starts cleaning people and styling their hair when he is done with himself. He has been great around people and seems to love crowds, anytime we have a large group over immediately comes out and investigates everyone before sitting on the back of one of the couches and supervising the evenings festivities. He has been a great addition the household and brings immeasurable joy and entertainment into our lives.

Cobalt the cat 2

 "This is Galileo adopted from Pets West on June 8. He is settling in, has lots of energy as as seen in the second photo getting a long with his big brother Kipling. Kipling happened to come from Pets West September last year"