Lost & Found Cats

Found Cat

If you recognize this kitty please call Bronwyn!

Contact Information

Name: Bronwyn Collett
Phone Number: 604-999-3361
Email Address: bronwyncollett@gmail.com


White and fluffy Maine coon.
2 years
Responds to tofu as well as turkey and todo
No collar or chip


Contact Information

Name: Jennifer Smith
Phone Number: 250-686-2113
Email Address: vileorchid@hotmail.com


Female unfixed Siamese one year old cat.

Contact Information

Name: Georgina Bourdeau
Phone Number: 778-440-0703
Email Address: mrs.bourdeau@hotmail.com


Beige and grey Siamese cat with striking blue eyes and dark spot on forehead. Grey tail is only about 4” long due to amputation. Probably not friendly if you try to pick her up.

Contact Information

Name: Nanci Sebo
Phone Number: 250-474-7577
Email Address: ndsebo@gmail.com


Sealpoint Siamese

Contact Information

Name: Judy Newnham
Phone Number: 7784338702
Email Address: janewnham6@gmail.com

Grey Cat

FOUND: Grey shorthair cat with one eye He/she is in a good shape Very affectionate Found in Sevenoaks Rd and McKenzie area Victoria bc Please contact me

Contact Information

Name: Sawako
Phone Number: 250-480-9247
Email Address: sawako.p@gmail.com

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