Cat Adoption Program

The Pets West Cat & Kitten Adoption Program is designed to help various local shelters adopt out the many unwanted cats and kittens brought to them each year, and try to prevent turning away any cat in need of a good home.

The Pets West Adoption Program started in 1996, and as of early 2019, has seen over 3000 adoptions!

We have been proud to help local rescue groups such as:

Dees Orphan Fund
Nana Foundation
Cats Rescue Corps
Cat's Cradle
CRD Pound
Victoria Humane Society
Victoria Adoptables
Animals For Life
Surrey Animal Resource Center
Dog Bless
Plus various other groups

Pets West would like to remind potential adopters that cats can live up to 20 years; adoptions are intended to be a commitment for the entire life of the pet. The various rescue groups we work with reserve the right to refuse adoption of cats to applicants.