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Rats looking for new home:

They are all male, the hairless one is 8 months not related to the other 3. 

The black and white one, cream colored one, and pure black are all brothers and about a year and a half. Those 3 brothers are extremely affectionate, the black and and white one gives huge cuddles and kisses and comes to you when you call his name. 

Naked- Toby, cream-kreamer, black and white- Yoda and the black one is spinter. 

Hairless, Toby, is more timid but he loves being hand fed treats and making beds out of literally everything. 

Yoda the black and white one is extremely affectionate and loves to sleep in your hood and gives hand baths and will go outside with you on walks. 

Splinter the black one is an escape artist thus his name, he loves to explore and sleep all day.

Kreemer and the cream colored one is more of a relaxed teddy bear and loves to eat everything he sees.

They come with a few weeks worth of expensive feeding, and I feed them a lot of fresh foods and fish so they don't have much dry food. They have a pretty large cage, they are mostly outside of their cage.

Contact Information

Name: Darien
Phone Number: 778-768-9445 (texting preferred)

Birds and Bird Cage

I am downsizing

I have 2 large bird cages and 5 finches and 4 Budgies. Each cage have birds toys swings ropes dishes etc
All for 200.00.
Great way to start your passion with bird's 

Contact Information

Name: Mandy
Email Address:

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