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Because Pets West chooses not to sell dog or puppies, all of the dogs listed on this page are courtesy posts for our local rescue organizations, private homes, or local breeders!

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Mandy is a wonderful 6 year old Havanese mix. She arrived in Canada via Mexico about 3 years ago. She has some very typical Havanese traits. Also referred to as 'velcro' dogs, Havanese tend to bond and shadow their owners and Mandy is no exception. You'll get no shortage of love and affection from this girl. She's happy to go for a 10k or just curl up in your lap.

Due to her history, Mandy does come with some personality traits that she needs help with and her current living situation just isn't a good fit. When we first met Mandy she was very afraid of men, had serious separation issues and was generally scared of other dogs. She's now much more well adjusted but she needs a home that will keep working with her and can tolerate some of her quirks as she continues her journey.

She would be a great dog for a household where someone is home most of the time or with other friendly and well adjusted dogs that can set an example for her.  She also gets along with most cats and she is fine with children once she understands they are part of her pack! Her separation anxiety has improved and she can be left alone for about half a day but she is a much happier dog when she has other people around.

Mandy's main challenge has been to get past her insecurities and she deals with this through guarding. She is fine with food and toys but will guard her owners which means she requires special attention when outside of the home. She's great on a leash and will make a wonderful walking companion for the right person as long as you know what to expect. She regularly climb mountains and goes for runs around the island with no issues.

You might be a good fit for Mandy if you:

- are retired/semi retired or work from home

- are in need of a shadow

- have other (friendly) dogs in your home

- will appreciate her playful character

- have some training experience and are willing to devote some time to reinforce her good habits

- are moderately active and need a good walking companion

- can financially support her (~$200 per month which includes food, treats, pet insurance, haircut every 6 weeks and annual checkups and vaccinations)


If this sounds like a good fit please don't hesitate to give us a shout!

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Name: Monika Miskiewicz
Phone Number: 250 208 2513
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