Pets West employs a small group of dynamic, dedicated people with a deep passion for pets.


Mike's Picture

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce the departure of Mike, our outstanding manager, from Pets West.

He will soon be leaving us to move to the Mainland (they don’t deserve him!) and embark on a new adventure.

Mike has left an indelible mark on all of us, with his unique brand of intelligence, humor, and compassion, and will be deeply missed.

We wish both Mike and Twyla the very best on this new stage of their life.


We will also be seeking a new manager; a special individual that reflects the soul and spirit of Pets West, and someone who is fully passionate about building our pet community. Please look for more details on our website at …


~ Lisa.



Danielle has been a part of the Pets West team for over 14 years and now holds the position of Food Manager. With a strong interest in all aspects of pet care, Danielle has chosen to focus particularly on canine and feline nutrition  She has attended countless seminars, and has had the opportunity to visit a number of food production facilities.  She is a wealth of information regarding food and nutrition, and is continuously researching the newest brands and latest information to provide the best available options to our customers. With a warm smile and booming laugh, Danielle is available 5 days a week for your questions or consultation, or just to say hello.



It is with tremendous gratitude, sadness, and warm wishes that we say “we’ll miss you!” to Sheila on the occasion of her well-deserved retirement.

Sheila has been a fixture at Pets West since 1993 (yes, really!) and has been key to our growth and success. She has guided thousands of pet parents through the challenges and joys of caring for their furry family members, patiently listening, advising and comforting when needed, and has inspired and mentored many of our staff.

It will be difficult to imagine Pets West without her, but we all wish Sheila the very best on her long overdue retirement, to enjoy her time with her dog, cat, and of course her husband and family.