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February is pet dental month! All of February, we are offering 20% discount on dental products, such as dental treats, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental chews! *excluding daily diets*

We are also having a Tropiclean representative in-store on Saturday, February 7th, to answer all your questions and concerns. Check back for the time!

Pets West in Victoria BC is a full-line pet store, offering a wide range of pet supplies and food for dogs, cats, birds, fish, small animals, reptiles, and wild birds. We also carry live fish, birds, small animals, and provide a cat adoption service.

At Pets West we are proud to be Victoria's favorite local pet shop, with experienced and enthusiastic staff who take an active role in the local pet community and look forward to helping you with all your pet care needs and questions. Many of our people have been a part of the Pets West team for 10, 15 and even over 20 years - you might recognize some of them from our commercials!

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